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Be Your Own Civil War Clothing Designer©


What is a Basic Bodice Sloper?
   What is a Basic Bodice Sloper? It's actually a template. In this case a template for making authentic 19th century American Civil War Era women's clothing.

   This pattern is carefully researched and taken straight from the pages of history. I spent years perfecting this pattern for my own use. It is unique. There is no other pattern like it offered. It is a professional tool that enables anyone with basic sewing skills to create custom fitted garments while eliminating costly and time consuming redos.

   I call my pattern Be Your Own Civil War Clothing Designer© because it encourages each user to be creative. It simplifies a complex era of fashion and is beautifully easy to use.  It includes the bodice as well as three different sleeve designs.  From these pieces you will learn how to draft any dress or gown* that you desire. Included is a bound tutorial with step-by-step directions that will enable you to be your own designer!
   No more yards of fragile tissue! The sloper is printed on sturdy material that lasts. It is the last pattern you will ever need to buy. It is shipped in a  30 x 22 inch box that can double as a portfolio to store your design materials in.

   I am a clothing historian of many years
-creating pieces for discerning individuals, museums and historic sites, and was recognized in 2006 by the Association of Missouri Interpreters for my efforts.  I have also designed historic clothing for The McCall, Butterick Pattern Company.

   Please take the time to click on the various gowns pictured on this site.  Each is made from this same pattern.  I will be adding new examples frequently to exhibit the versatility of the Be Your Own Civil War Clothing Designer Basic Bodice Sloper©.

   (*)In the time before commercially made dress patterns; diagrams given in 19th century publications did not include skirt instructions-it was assumed a 'given'.  My tutorial includes FREE instructions for skirt making. It is so easy you won't believe it. No yards of tissue!


For information you can contact me Nancy Farris-Thee at